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Yıl 2011 , Cilt 6 , Sayı 1

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Development of intercultural competencies by student mobility

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Management and Administration, Kaunas University of Technology1
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Education is the direct factor that influences the quality of human resources in the country (De Ville et al, 1996). Students of universities are potential human resources of organizations. As Kumpikaite (2008) states knowledge and skills of future employees should be constantly developed and to understand the importance of lifelong learning in order to be in line with changes, information flow, and new technologies. However it is very important to develop present students' competencies in odder they could be good employees. This could be done better using mobility concept when students study abroad, gain and develop their international competencies then. This paper pays on prior advantages got by students' mobility and their developed international competencies. This paper reports the findings of students' developed international competencies by their mobility. The results show that 26 percent of researched students would like to study at least one semester abroad. The main reasons of studies abroad are personal development, developing of foreign languages, and intercultural experience. Respondents evaluate their international competencies by mobility positively.

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