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Yıl 2007 , Cilt 2 , Sayı 1

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Barriers to education and employment: an australian youth perspective

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James Cook University Townsville1
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The quest for obtaining an education and a resultant higher standard of living is reflected  in the increasing numbers of Australian’s who are participating in education with over 60 % of Australia's 15 to 24 year old population accessing schools and higher educational institutions.  In the state of Queensland over1, 456,500 students were either attending a school (734,700), a higher education institution (425,900), or a technical college (237,100).  In 2003 the Queensland state government announced major reforms to the schooling system. These reforms are enshrined in the Youth Participation in Education and Training Act 2003 and include the requirement from 2006 for young people to remain in school until 16 years or have completed Year 10

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