Türkiye’nin A2 Karesinin Karayosunları (Musci) Kontrol Listesi

Bu kontrol listesi, Henderson’ın (1961) Türkiye kareleme sistemine göre A2 karesi içerisinde yapılan

The Mosses (Musci) Check-List for A2 Square of Turkey

The check-list is a review of moss (Musci) studies done in A2 square according to Turkey grid square ofHenderson (1961). According to latest studied literatures in this grid, 359 moss taxa belonging to 136 genera and42 families were recorded up to now. The richness of genera in terms of species in this square is as follows:Bryum (26), Orthotrichum (14), Grimmia (13), Didymodon (11), Hypnum (10), Syntrichia (9), Brachythecium(9), Fissidens (8), Tortula (7), Schistidium (7), Encalypta (7), Dicranum (7), Plagiomnium (7), Plagiothecium(7). In this list; systematic categories as genera, species, subspecies, varieties were given according to Hill et al.(2006) and finally synonym lists were also given. In the moss list of A2 square prepared according to the latestnomenclatural differences, some species were cited in different genera and some others were mentioned indifferent families.


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