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An unusual outcome for fetal death in bitch: a report of a case
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Öz In this report, an unusual condition of fetal maceration conveyed with retention of fetal debris was diagnosed 5-months after breeding in a hound bitch. A five years old bitch due to loss of appetite and abdominal distention, five months after breeding. Although presenting a distended belly and mammary glands, no signs of parturition have been reported. At surgery, a reddish free intra-abdominal fluid was suctioned, and hysterectomy was performed; ovaries were not excised to avoid any compromise of hunting performance. Fur and bone remnants floating in a brown-green, mucous and odorless fluid were detected at inspection of the uterus. In this case, the evaluation of the uterus showed that all the fetuses underwent maceration and autolysis at least 3 months after the pregnancy putative, apparently without any ascending bacterial contamination. Although it was seen that compatible with chronic uterine inflammation findings (leukocytosis and anemia), closed cervical position and odorless uterine content may be an unusual sequel to canine fetal death. 

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Fetal maceration, clinical findings, bitch
Bodh, D., Gugjoo, MB., Rafee, M.A., Singh, K. (2014). Uterine rupture and fetal maceration in an indian mongrel bitch. Journal of Advanced Veterinary Research, 1(4), 49-52.
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