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Avrupa Birliği Ortak Tarım Politikasında Değişim Doğrultuları ve Türkiye İçin Önemi
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Öz The Common Agricultural Policy CAP has been subject to proposals for reform since its inception. Due to the internal and external effects, but also in connection with enlargement perspective CAP has been reformed many times in course of the time. These reforms have had some impacts not only on the previous member states or acceding states, but also have affected Turkey, which has not been in the waves of enlargement yet, but has been obligated to perform the necessities of the rules put forward through the CAP reforms and reshape her agricultural policy along CAP guidelines. The evolutionary process of the CAP calls for extensive administrative reform. For example, substantial investments are needed to improve administrative capacity, land registration, collect agricultural data and raise the veterinary and phytosanitary standards. To establish the needed inspection and monitoring ınechanisıns, provide food safety, be sensitive to the protection of environment, benefit f•om the rural development measures are all innovations, which contribute to the development of Turkish agriculture. CAP reforms, however, bring on production and marketing quotas, set-aside rules, co-responsibility levies, national budget contribution to the expenditures in agricultural area and all these modifications will affect the development of Turkish agriculture sector, which needs to increase productivity and alter the revenue of the farmers.

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