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The difference between the extracts of Erica manipuliflora in flowering and fruiting periods in terms of the cytotoxic effects
Burcu ŞEN,Sonja KESSLER,Bahar GÜRDAL,Alexandra KİEMER,Afife MAT

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Öz The genus Erica comprises five species (E. arborea, E. bocquetii, E. manipuliflora, E. sicula, E. spiculifolia), in Turkey. In traditional Turkish medicine, the aerial parts of E. arborea and E. manipuliflora are used as diuretic and astringent and in the treatment of urinary infections. Additionally, the decoction of E. manipuliflora is used as weight-loss medicine, diuretic and in the treatment of diabetes, in Mugla (Turkey) and Western Mediterrenean Region in Turkey. This present study aimed to determine the cytotoxicity potentials of different extracts from this species and compare the cytotoxicity between its flowering and fruiting periods.
Anahtar Kelimeler: Erica manipuliflora, cytotoxicity, HepG2, HUVEC


Ballester A, Verwey A, Ovbreem JC (1975) 2-hydroxyphenylacetic acid and 2,4-dihydroxyphenyl acetonitrile from Erica scoparia. Phytochem., 14: 1667-1668.
Burcu ŞEN,Sonja KESSLER,Bahar GÜRDAL,Alexandra KİEMER,Afife MAT