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Assessment of Lacrimal Gland Volume with Computed Tomography in A Turkish Population
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Öz Computed tomography (CT) is a commonly utilized method for evaluating head and neck pathologies. The lacrimal glands are usually visible in routine head and neck CT scans. Lacrimal gland (LG) pathologies usually manifests with changes in gland size; therefore, it is essential to have a knowledge of normal LG volumes. The LG size may vary by age, gender and race. This study may be helpful in determining normal values of lacrimal gland volume in a select Turkish population. The aim of this study was to evaluate the volumes of the lacrimal glands by CT in a select Turkish population. One hundred and twenty consecutive paranasal CT scans were retrospectively evaluated. LG volumes were measured in axial paranasal CT images. The LG volume was calculated with OsiriX software by outlining the gland in all consecutive axial images. The statistical analyses of the data were performed using SPSS 20.0 (SPSS Inc., Chicago 2, USA) software. Two hundred and forty orbits of 120 subjects were included in the study. The mean LG volume was 52.94 ± 10.07 mm3 for the right orbita and 54.48 ± 9.59 mm3 for the left orbita. There was no significant gender sex-specific difference. There was no significant difference between gender-based LG volumes on both sides. (p = 0.616, p = 0.884, respectively). Our study may serve as a guide to determine the average values of the LG volumes in a select Turkish population and to identify orbital disorders involving the LGs.

Anahtar Kelimeler

Lacrimal gland, Orbita, Paranasal computed tomography
Avetisov SE, Kharlap SI, Markosian AG, Safonova TN, Likhvantseva VG, Nasnikova I. 2006. Ultrasound spatial clinical analysis of the orbital part of the lacrimal gland in health. Vestn Oftalmol, 122: 14-16.
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