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Öz The relevant study aims to put forward the contribution of memoirs to the history studies and analyze the methodological usage and writing process of the memoirs which are regarded as the main references of academic researches on history. In this way an opportunity will be provided to evaluate the events and facts from different perspectives by revealing the invisible parts of the events which can’t be found in the documents, the other side that can’t be seen in the mirror, the details which reveal humanity and daily life. This situation should be interpreted as the contribution of memoir source type to history studies. Witnessing history and feeling dedicated to a certain period of history can be possible if people pass on their knowledge which they’ve obtained from their memories and past experiences to the next generation. With this regard memories are among the most significant references while writing history. There are important studies that discuss the  references which approach the main sources of the history. History puts forward new perspectives on methodology by discussing its own sources. There are different views on the relationship between memoirs and history. According to one of these views memoirs can be defined as the act of publicizing part of a private or social life by an individual who wants to continue his/her existence in the future. The reasons why memoirs are written can be stated as to prevent memories from being forgotten, passing on a reality (that is afraid to be lost) to history, society, to show your admiration to people you live with, to confess a sin or to give a lesson to next generations. The main concern of the authors in writing memoirs is writing about their experiences instead of writing about themselves. By this the person devotes his/her narration to history and becomes a significant reference of it.

Anahtar Kelimeler

History, Memoirs, Social Sciences, Events and Facts
Akar, Ş. K- İrfan Karakoç (2004). “Siyasi Tarih Kaynağı Olarak Hatırat ve Gezi Notları”, Türkiye Araştırmaları Literatür Dergisi, C.2, S.1, ss 383-421.
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