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Mehmet Kemal Gökay,Melek Gökay
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Öz Engineers in all branches provide their plans or designed-items according to their knowledge and capacities. In design stage, engineers are expected to perform in creative manner to solve real world engineering problems. Mining engineers, similarly, should think differently to provide original plans and design products related with mines and mine operations. In order to graduate innovative engineers, different education methods have currently been applied in engineering departments. Importance of creative thinking in mining engineering and new engineering education methods were searched here through documents. Then basically, influences of art on engineering have been evaluated.

Anahtar Kelimeler

Mining, engineering education, art and creativity, effects of art on engineering
[1]. Stacey, T.R., 2004. The link between the design process in rock engineering and the code of practice to combat rock fall and rockburst accidents, The journal of the South African institute of mining and metallurgy, Jan./Feb. 2004, pp29-33.
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