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Stress Factors on Honey Bees (Apis mellifera L.) and The Components of Their Defense System Against Diseases, Parasites, and Pests
Murat GENÇ,Ferat GENÇ

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Öz Animal health is an important factor that may limit efficiency in beekeeping, as in other fields yielding animal products. After all, the diseases, parasites, and pests that pose a risk for honey bees do not only affect their health, but can decrease productivity, as well. The colony may collapse eventually unless measures are taken to improve the situation. Occasional epidemics of diseases, parasites, and pests cause producers to suffer great losses and harm beekeeping on a national scale in Turkey. As with all living organisms, honey bees have a strong multicomponent defense (resistance, immunity) mechanism against diseases, parasites, and pests that threaten their health. However, various stress factors from those rooted in their genetic makeup to others resulting from the environment collapse their defense system and with the decline of bodily resistance, honey bees start getting ill and eventually die. Moreover, these stress factors or stressors interact with one another, with pathogenic microorganisms, parasites, and pests to create a synergic effect leading to exhaustion in bees, their offspring, and whole colonies. Therefore, it is critically important to eliminate stress factors that impair and collapse the defense system in honey bees.
Anahtar Kelimeler: Honey bee, stress factors, components of defense system


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Murat GENÇ,Ferat GENÇ