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Production of some of Different Varieties of Winter Barley (Hordeum vulgare) for Beer in Two Climatic Zones in Kosovo
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Öz Thepurpose ofthis study is the analysis of breeding/cultivationand production ofautumn barley for beer (Hordeum vulgare)in the climatic conditions of the Republic of Kosovo.In the cultivation analysis and production have been included atotalof five barley cultivars: Bingo, Zlatko, Vannesa, Esterel and Rex as comparative(standard). Analysis of breeding and production are conducted in two regions: DukagjiniPlain, and Kosovo Plain. The experiments have been settled by the method ofrandomized blocks in their repetitions. Area of each experimental plot was 10 m2.In analyzing the cultivation and production, have been analyzed yield (kg/ha),weight (1000 seeds in grams) hectoliters weight (kg), protein content (%)humidity (%), and starch/amidon. Results obtained showed that there weresignificant statistical differences at different levels for all traitsinvestigated cultivars involved in plots and compared with the standard (Rex)and also between regions.

Anahtar Kelimeler

barley varieties, seed weight, hectoliters weight, yield
Anderson OD, Haleford NG, Forde J, Yip RE, Shewry PR, (1988) Structure and analysis of the hight glutenin genes from triticum aestivum L cv Cheyenni in Miller TE, Koebner, (Eds) Proceedings 7th Int. Wheat Genetics Symposium, Cambridge, pp. 735-740.
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