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Economic Empowerment of Poor Women With Grameen Bank Patterns on Baitul Mal Wa Tamwil Ibadurrahman
Dadang Husen Sobana,Uus Ahmad Husaeni
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Öz The purpose of this research is to analyze the contribution of Islamic microfinance with Grameen Bank pattern to economic empowerment and poverty alleviation to BMT Ibadurrahman members. This study uses a quantitative approach. Primary data collection techniques using a questionnaire. While secondary data comes from BMT annual reports (Baitul Mal wa Tamwil), journals, and other related literature. The sampling technique used is purposive sampling. The number of samples used were 100 female poor respondents of BMT Ibadurrahman members. The analysis technique used is the Spearman correlation. This study concludes that Islamic microfinance with the Grameen Bank pattern has a positive contribution to the economic empowerment of poor women. Financial capital and social capital are the keys to success in empowering the poor. Islamic microfinance with the Grameen pattern also has a significant relationship with poverty alleviation. This research also proves that poverty can be overcome if economic development is based on human development.

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Grameen Bank, Poverty, Economic Empowerment
Abur, Cyprian Clement and Japheth Terande Torruam. “Microcredit as a Strategy for Poverty Reduction in Makurdi Local Government Area of Benue State, Nigeria” International Journal of Humanities and Social Science Vol. 2 No. 12 (Special Issue - June 2012): 179-186.
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