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Drawing Tools Used from Past to Present in the Architectural Design Process
Simge Bardak DENEREL,Tanay BİRİŞÇİ
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Öz Drawing tools used in the design process arecontinually changing as a result of developments in technology. Computer aideddrawing tools offer new capabilities to users as an alternative to traditionaldrawing tools that have been used to this day. These new capabilities are of anature significantly affecting the design process. This study examines theeffective use of traditional and computer aided drawing tools in the landscapedesign process. In this respect the scope of the study includes design, designprocesses and drawing tools. Especially, under favour of rapid developments ininformation technology in the last 20 years, design process has become shorter,achieving a solution has become easier and there were presentations which havebeen produced in higher visual quality.

Anahtar Kelimeler

Design, design process, drawing tools, traditional drawing tools, computer aided drawing tool
Akın Ö, Anadol Z, (1993) What’s wrong with CAAD? Carnegie Mellon Pittsburgh, pp:11.
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