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Cultural characteristics of Phaeomarasmius erinaceus (Fr.) Scherff. ex Romagn.
Perihan GÜLER
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Öz In this study, the cultural features that morphological and anatomical characteristics of Phaeomarasmius erinaceus (Fr.) Scherff. ex Romagn. which in the family Basidiomycota divisio, Inocybaceae family were examined. The mushrooms are collected at Kırıkkale-Sulakyurt and Balışeyh district in 2011 and brought to laboratory. The samples were then dried under aseptic conditions. Tissue pieces were taken from the dry mushrooms and were inoculated into the Potato Dextrose Agar (PDA) center and incubated in the dark at 25°C. Mycelium completed colonization in 12 d. In the study, Phaeomarasmius erinaceus spores and mycelia were examined by Zeiss light microscope and Scanning electron microscope (SEM) at Kırıkkale University Electron Microscope Laboratory. At the beginning of inoculation, mycelium was mixed and air hyphae observed. Very light yellow pigmentation was determined

Anahtar Kelimeler

Phaeomarasmius erinaceus, Morphological features, Anatomical features, Mycelium development
Anonymus, 2017. Index Fungorum, http://www.indexfungorum.org (access date: 21.10.2017)
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