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Affects of Boron, Propylene glycol and Methionine on Metabolic Profile in Dairy Cows
Bor, Propilen Glikol ve Methioninin Süt Sığırlarında Metabolik Profil Üzerine Etkisi
Mustafa KABU
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Some important metabolic and endocrin changes occur between the calving last period and the first period lactation( periparturient period) in dairy cows. Otherwise maintenance, feeding problems, decrease in food intake or malnutrition and n problems of high incidence. The insufficiency of energy-protein in dairy cows are trying to be fixed through different compounds application. In order to improve this disorder propylen glycol supplement and methionin to ratio is widely used in dairy cows. Recently it has been reported that the effects boron on metabolism can be used in dairy cows. In this review, it is aimed to find out the effects of boron, propylene glycol and methionine on metabolic profile in dairy cows

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Adewuyi AA, Gruys E, Van Eerdenburg FJCM. 2005. Non esterfied fatty acids (NEFA) in dairy cattle. Veterinary Quarterly. 27 (3): 117- 126. oydak M. 2002. Efficacy of sodium borate in the prevention of fatty liver in dairy cows. J Vet Intern Med. 16:732-735.
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