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Immediate Loading of Severely Resorbed Complete Edentulous Jaws Utilizing A Novel Osseous Densification Approach
Mehmet Akif ESKAN

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Öz Background:Immediate function has become an accepted treatment modality for fixedrestorations in complete edentulous patients. It is well known havingsufficient bone volume and density at the implant site to achieve primarystability, which are crucial for osseointegration and immediate loading. A newosteotomy technique has been recently introduced to increase primary stabilityby preserving autogenetic bone chips at the implant site. In this report, anovel osseous densification approach was utilized in the treatment of completeedentulous patients, loaded immediately. The treated patients showed 100%survival rate in the first 6 months. Objective: Thecurrent report purpose was to evaluate the clinical and radiographic outcomesof immediately loaded full arch fixed prosthesis using a new osteotomytechnique. Material and Methods:  Two consecutive patients received 7 implants(NobelBiocare, Parallel and Active, NobelBiocare) supporting 2 jaws (maxilla).The immediate restorations were supported by four implants, of which the twoposterior implants were tilted. A new drilling technique (Densah, Versah) wasused when bone volume and/or density was not enough to achieve a primarystability. The provisional functional acrylic prosthesis was delivered at thesame day of the surgery. All patients were followed for 5-6 months. Survivalrate was determined at the patient and implant level. Radiological measurementof the marginal bone levels was performed. Results: Theoverall follow up was 5-6 months. There was no an implant failure in the first6 month of the surgery, rendering cumulative survival rate 100% at the implantand patient level. The average marginal bone loss was 0.3 mm. Survival andsuccess rate in the axil and tilted implants were not different. Good soft tissuewas observed in the patients. Conclusions:The present report indicated that a new drilling technique in the fullyedentulous patients requiring an immediate loading with a low bone volumeand/or density can be used successfully, and that acceptable marginal bonelevels can be maintained.
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Mehmet Akif ESKAN