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Chemical Composition in Mineral Deposit “Kronas”- Kosovo
Chemical Composition in Mineral Deposit “Kronas”- Kosovo
A. Koliqi,H. Visoka A. Koliqi
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Mineral deposit “Kronas” is formed up peridotites rare in serpentinites formations and present Nickel- Iron laterites product of weathering crust coverage type. Ore deposit is located in the eastern, north and south part of peridotite massif of Golesh that following the eastern where dive with an angle of 150 under the Kosovo basin sediments. The weathering crust was formed during Lower Cretacus until Neogene. The study of chemical composition of the weathering crust at different depths is determined by chemical and spectrochemical methods which are interpreted by the variation diagrams. Chemical analyses showed the zonal distribution with different percentage of chemical elements and microelements in function of the depth inside of weathering crust. Nickel is determined as average of 1.44% in the nontronite zone and up and down this zone decreases. The paper aims to clarify the proŞle of the weathering crust of Nickel silicate products that will serve to reconstruct the conditions of formed, storage and development of this proŞle in the territory of Kosovo and deŞning clear criteria for research

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A. Koliqi
H. Visoka A. Koliqi