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Relevancies to professional development, problems encountered, and recommendations in industrial tours: A student debate
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Öz entrEducation makes no boundaries and is acquired beyond the confines of the classrooms. The study delved into industrial tour relevancies in professional development and the encountered problems of students along educational, sociological, financial, geographical, occupational and psychological components, and also solicited recommendations for tour improvement. It employed debate in obtaining primary qualitative data from logical propositions and arguments of the debating teams. The results disclosed that students enhanced their learning of various machines, tools, and equipment not found in the College.  They disliked being brought to industries outside of their specializations and worried about missing the requirements of other classes. They improved interpersonal relationships among students and teachers, gained insights for employment opportunities, and discovered hidden personalities. They suffered immeasurable pressure caused by their desires joining the tour and the needed money that resulted to an abrupt financial constraints of the family. They developed confidence to explore additional places, but emotionally arrested of the amount necessary for the tour plus the pressure of beating deadlines of other class requirements, notwithstanding immeasurable censures from those who refused from joining.  In conclusion, the tour was relevant to professional development but a serious psychological arrester on financial and academic concerns.  They recommended making the tour part of the curriculum with fund assistance of the College.

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Relevancies, Industrial Tours, Professional Development, Problems, Technology
Borges, P. (2015). Teaching practices and school climate: The Portuguese students’ views. Educational, Cultural and Psychological Studies Journal – 14/2016. doi: 10.7358/ecps-2015-011-borg. Retrieved on 14 January 2019 from http://www.ledonline.it/index.php/ECPS-Journal/article/view/862/687
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