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Variations in the career preferences of senior secondary students towards curricular programs in tertiary education

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Öz Career decision-making is a critical scenario among senior secondary students and their parents.  This study determined their level of occupational along the courses on medical or health related; business, safety and social related; technical and technological related; engineering; and teacher education. The results revealed the “less preference” of students in courses for medical and health related; business, safety, and social related; technical and technological; engineering; and teacher education. Nevertheless, in teacher education careers the students pegged nearly a moderate preference level.  The students were claimed similar regards to these clustered courses.  However, the study is conclusive that the teaching profession and those dealing with computer courses are highly desirable tertiary careers in the area of study.  Imperative of the tertiary schools is giving priority of offering teacher education related careers, and other courses that demands mathematical and critical review. The guidance services shall include the career information drive
Anahtar Kelimeler: Variation, Career Preferences, Secondary Students


Badri, M., Alnuaimi, A., J. Mohaidat, J., Rashedi, A.A., G. Yang, & Mazroui, K.A.. (2016). “My science class and expected career choices—a structural equation model of determinants involving Abu Dhabi high school students”. International Journal of STEM Education. 3:12. Available:, March 4, 2018