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Derya Ergun OZLER,Gulcin POLAT
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Öz Cyberloafing which means voluntary acts of employees using their companies’ Internet access and IT equipments for non-work-related purposes during working time, emerges as an increasingly important issue which needs to be managed in organizations. Although there are some growing body of literature which tries to provide understanding regarding this subject and discuss negative impacts of cyberloafing phenomenon in organizations; this is a quite a new subject for Turkish literature. Nevertheless, considering the impacts of cyberslacking on organizations, it is clear that there is a need for new studies which would be quite useful in terms of organizations. This study examines first the cyberloafing phenomenon and then tries to explain the determinants of cyberloafing in organizations and analyzes its positive and negative impacts for organizations as well as the controlling measures

Anahtar Kelimeler

Cyberslacking, cyberloafing, non-work related computing, antecedents of cyberloafing, organizational outcomes
Anandarajan, Murugan and Claire A., Simmers (2005), “Developing Human Capital Through Personal Web Use in the Workplace: Mapping Employee Perceptions”, Communications of the Association for Information Systems, Vol.15, pp.776-791.
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