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Merve YAVUZ,Serkan GUNES
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Öz Purpose- Ceramic industry has a critical importance for the Turkish economy, as it is one of the sectors with the least use of indigenous resources and the least import dependency as well as having a strong presence in the world market with its export potential.  Today, the pressure of price-based competition from developing countries is seen in the ceramic sanitary ware industry. In developed countries, average product prices have been kept high due to design, brand and product quality. Although Turkey is the largest exporter in Europe in terms of capacity, it is third in terms of turnover. The European Union countries' ceramic sector focuses on competitive strategies based on strengths such as innovation, design, and branding abilities to move countries away from the market, such as Turkey, where they cannot compete through cost leadership. Turkey has a great investment in ceramic sanitary ware industry. In order to expand the market share and the use of idle capacities, companies need to produce high value added products through design and branding investments. Methodology- In the study, literature review about design as a competition element is made and national and international sectoral reports are examined to understand drivers of competition and explain the value of design in the related industry.  Findings- As a result of the study, it is revealed that the product design is one of the most important added value elements in the industry. Conclusion- The added value role of the discipline for Turkish ceramic sanitary ware industry and possible competition strategies based on design are introduced. 

Anahtar Kelimeler

Product design, competition strategies, ceramic sanitary ware ındustry
Busbin, J. W., Johnson, J. T., & DeConinck, J. (2008). The evolution of sustainable competitive advantage: from value chain to modular outsource networking. In Competition forum 6(1), 103. American Society for Competitiveness.
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