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Biomechanical Considerations of The Combined Cement- and Screw-Retained Implant-Supported Zirconia Crowns: A 3D-FEA
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Öz Introduction: Inprosthetic dentistry, dental implants are a popular and effective way toreplace missing teeth. In implant-supported fixed dental restorations, thereare two prosthetic fixation options: screw-retained or cement-retained. Althoughboth treatment options can be used predictably, they each have their ownadvantages, disadvantages, and limitations. Aim of this study is toevaluate the biomechanical features of hybrid cement-screw retained prosthesissystem by using the 3D finite element method.Materials and Methods: Three3-dimensional CAD model of a single dental implant and their screw-retained,cement-retained, and cement-screw-retained implant-supported zirconium-basedcrowns with their components were constructed. An average occlusalforce of 100 N were applied in an oblique (45⁰) direction buccolingually andmesiodistally (distal fossa area 1 mm2). Then the values of thestresses generated in the prosthesis, abutment, implant, and supportingalveolar bone were calculated using 3-dimensional finite element analysis.Results: Stresseswere greater in cement-retained than screw-retained and cement-screw-retained.The amount of stress in the cement- and screw-retained system was cement andscrew system.Discussion: Withinthe limitations of the investigation, it was determined that retention systemchanges affected the force distribution.Conclusion: Theobtained results could prove useful for implantologists. Although in vitromechanical tests are valuable aids in the comparison of restoration properties,data obtained from these studies are useful for comparative purposes only, anddirect extrapolation to the clinical situation should be made with caution andsupported with long-term clinical studies.Keywords: TheCombined Cement- and Screw-Retained Implant-Supported, 3-dimensional finiteelement analysis, zirconia crowns.

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The Combined Cement- and Screw-Retained Implant-Supported, 3-dimensional finite element analysis, zirconia crowns
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Yazarlar Orcid : 0000-0002-7602-8101Yazar: Mesut TUZLALI (Sorumlu Yazar)Kurum: Department of Prosthodontics, Faculty of Dentistry, Inonu UniversityÜlke: Turkey

Orcid : 0000-0002-0881-7483Yazar: Volkan ARISAN Kurum: Department of Oral Implantology, Faculty of Dentistry, Istanbul UniversityÜlke: Turkey


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