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The Main Recreative Areas in Podujeva Municipality
The Main Recreative Areas in Podujeva Municipality
F. İsufi,F. Humolli,S. Bulliqi
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Recreation is time available to human kind, excluding normal working hours that are a time for physiological and physical needs of human kind and time for sleep, which is used for entertainment, sport, hobby, rest etc. Well known fact is that recreation is a need of contemporary man, which is at the same time the reason for elaborating this subject. Podujeva Municipality is one of Republic of Kosova’s municipality, and likewise all other municipalities, offer possibilities and have similar problems to other municipalities. Making distinctions between different recreations and identifying them within a scope of this research, made possible to closely see their advantages and deficiencies in the current situation. Current political, social and economic situation is main factor that has affected already unsatisfactory treatment and level of recreation as available time to man, as well as recreational areas as places that generate good things out of recreation itself. Final conclusion emphasises a need for general public awareness with regard to more professional approach, which presumes involvement of institutions as well, for building up new recreational areas, and maintaining of those that already exist, by implementing professional local and international standards

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F. İsufi
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