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Groundwater Resource of Gjilan Area- Kosovo
Groundwater Resource of Gjilan Area- Kosovo
A. Koliqi
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Groundwater reserves in Kosovo are limited and mainly found in western Kosovo, where the surface water reserves are greater. Eastern and south eastern part of Kosovo has water reserves of the package, while demands for water are very large. In this paper describes the findings of the groundwater investigations of the Gjlan area, located in the South Eastern part of Kosovo. The investigations have aimed primarily to determine the precise groundwater location from well sites in these areas previously identified in the feasibility study. Studies have been carried due to water exploration program at the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs, Switzerland Ministry of Spatial Planning and Environment in cooperation with the Republic of Kosovo and the Faculty of Mining and Metallurgy in Mitrovica. The investigations comprised geophysical surveys followed by test drilling, pumping tests, water quality analysis, and groundwater level and spring discharge surveys

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