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The Assessment of Economic Relations Over Energy Sector Between After Independence of Caspian Region Countries and Turkey
Erdem Utku EKE,Emre ATSAN
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Öz The independent Turkic Republics in the Caspian region after their independence, begin rapidly to integrate into the world economy, have sought to make good use of their energy potential. In this framework new energy transmission lines have become the most important projects for the countries in the region. Besides their cultural ties to Turkey from the past, along the effect of the present conjuncture, there is a close association with Turkey and the countries of the Caspian region. Especially in the energy sector, cooperation with Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan has become compulsory in terms of energy need beyond cultural convergence. In terms of commercial relations, Russia has understood the importance of energy sector in advance of the others and established the "Eurasian Economic Union" which includes Kazakhstan. By the help of "Eurasian Economic Union” Russia develop trade relations more rapidly than Turkey. In this study, the relations of the countries of Caspian region to Turkey through the energy sector and in addition to this, the basic macroeconomic indicators of the region are investigated. In the light of the evaluations, finally, we try to suggest about the way the cooperation between the region will be and can be constituted in the context of aiming to cover the energy needs of Turkey.

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Caspian Region, Energy Transmission Pipelines, Foreign Trade
AMB, (2013). Azerbaycan Merkezi Bankı. http://www.nba.az/ Erişim tarihi 2 Ekim 2013.
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