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Yıl 2012 , Cilt 45 , Sayı 1

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The legal basis of students’ rights and responsibilities in turkish education system

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Ankara University Faculty of Educational Sciences Department of Educational Administration and Policy1
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Students who are in the center of educational activities engage in a series of educational activity in educational organizations in order to carry out their learning experiences. During these activities, students have certain rights and responsibilities and a genuine position in the society. Therefore, it's important to have information about these responsibilities and rights for educators and students to be able to use these rights and obey the rules. In this paper, it is aimed at examining various aspects of legislation related to students in Elementary and Secondary Schools in Turkey. Within this frame first, the Constitution and the Ministry of National Education Legislation constitutes the main reference guides of this study. Within the purpose of this study, The Constitution, laws, international conventions and basically laws and regulations of Ministry of National Education were analyzed. As a result of this analysis, the most important deficiency is that the legislation related to student is very scattered. Although, it's possible to reach the rights and responsibilities of students among these laws and regulations, it will be better to gather their rights and responsibilities systematically.

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