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Ankara Bar Review

Yıl 2011 , Cilt 4 , Sayı 1

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The english judicial system: process of becoming legal professionals

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American University in Cyprus (GAU)1
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When you ask a child in his tender age the profession he/she would like to engage in when they grow up, most answers we normal receive are based on professionalism. They tend to always give professional occupations as their wishes such as being a medical doctor, a lawyer, accountant or some sorts of other professional jobs. Ever forth they work their ways towards their dreams, just like all adults do. Some of the times people have the general assumptions that the roles of those in the legal profession is just to go to court and help win cases even though their works require more than that But a major problems faces us, because most people keep wondering what the legal profession requires of them, what are their roles in the society, what are the benefits one gains from it, what are the remunerations, how could they possibly work their ways to becoming one? And more other questions come into people’s mind. For all these reasons, we shall discuss all of these in this essay. Who is a professional, are there really an educational process which is required to go through before becoming a solicitor or barrister and even a judge, who is eligible to becoming one, is it only law students in the university that can go into the law profession or even graduates of any course? Moreover, what are the duties of lawyers, their appointments by clients, their discipline for professional misconduct and the differences between a solicitor and a barrister? For the judges, what the roles of the judges are what part they play in the legal system, their appointments, remunerations, retirements and sanctions against them will be further discussed in this essay. Finally, after we must have known the roles, duties and significance of the legal professional in the UK court system, we shall conclude all by highlighting the basic advantages and disadvantages of these in the English Legal System; are they just there to constitute a nuisance of they are actually there to serve in the interest of justice and the public.

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