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Yıl 2011 , Cilt 3 , Sayı 2

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Research on determining employee satisfaction of physicians working at primary health services

Yazar kurumları :
Marmara University Health Sciences Faculty Health Management Department1, Akdeniz University2, Istanbul University3, A4
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With this study it is intended to determine the levels of life satisfaction, work satisfaction, conflict between daily life and work life and factors that cause stress at work of the physicians working in the primary health care in Uskudar district. 96 physicians participated in this research who is the members of the Uskudar Health Group Presidency. Research data were collected with the physician satisfaction survey. The results of analyses indicated that physicians were satisfied with their life and work at the middle level. Moreover, it was determined that doctors were sometimes conflicted between daily life and working life and they sometimes saw adequacy of work and the relationship between people and often the difficulty of the treatment of patients as the stress factor. It was also determined that Physician’s work satisfaction and life satisfaction depended on each other by 35%, while the level of daily life and working life conflict increased, level of work and life satisfaction reduced, as the work life and daily life conflict level increases, work and life satisfaction reduce, by seeing the adequacy for the work and relationship between the people as a stress factor, reduces job satisfaction. 

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