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Eurasian Journal of Anthropology

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Eurasian Journal of Anthropology (EJA) analyzes and presents research relating to the social, biological, bio-cultural, and archaeological anthropology of Eurasia and contiguous regions. The journal is published bi-annualy. This international peer-reviewed e-journal will publish papers and develops discussions on a wide range of research topics of both living human populations and past societies including: * General anthropology * Methodology of anthropological and archaeological research * Methodology of social/cultural anthropological and ethnological research * Physical anthropology of past and present human populations * Bio-cultural characteristics of past and present human societies * Applied anthropology * Medical anthropology * Economic anthropology * Anthropology of religion * Political anthropology * Lingusitic anthropology * Urban anthropology * Gender studies and anthropology * Social and biological gerontology * Skeletal biology * Paleopathology * Forensic anthropology * Human biology in past and present * Human ecology and behavior * Nutritional anthropology * Human growth and development The EJA publishes scientific articles without page restriction as well as invited commentaries, book reviews and short reports. Manuscript submitted elsewhere will not be considered for publication. The purpose of the journal is to stimulate debate on and development of ideas and methods in anthropology and related disciplines.