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Corporate Ownership and Control

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The title of the journal reflects the oldest issue of corporate governance - issue of separation of ownership and control. We focus on a broad range of cornerstone issues of corporate governance, i.e. board of directors, corporate control, executive compensation, audit, financial reporting, conflict of interest, shareholder rights, etc. Explore these issues with us! The major objective of the publication is the improvement of existing and development of new practices of the corporate governance and further dissemination of research results by enabling renowned and young researchers, and practitioners to present their findings and share their experience. We are going to be a bridge between theory and practice of corporate governance. The major goals of the journal are: adopting major concepts of corporate governance in developing countries; facilitating improvement in transparency of the companies from both developed and developing countries; creating incentives and promoting corporate codes and guidelines in developing countries; developing efficient mechanisms for the minority shareholders’ rights protection; reinventing internal and external mechanisms of corporate control.